ONDUVILLA® Roofing Tiles

Effective noise reduction for a quieter environment.
Maximum waterproofing courtesy of SealSmart Technology.
Exceptional wind endurance, withstanding speeds of up to 314 km/hr.
Tile-like sheets in various color options are accessible
Featherlight and environmentally sustainable
Covered with a 15-year Warranty

ONDUVILLA roofing tile sheets are a range of lightweight, attractive, eco-friendly tile sheets that protect your roof for the long term. Thanks to their unique properties, ONDUVILLA tile sheets guarantee effective waterproofing and both thermal and acoustic insulation. An ideal system for renovating or decorating the roofs of leisure buildings such as summer houses.

Available in many colors, the natural appearance of ONDUVILLA roof tiles blends harmoniously into the landscape. Choose from dark red, black, classic red, Fiorentino, and slate grey finishes. Made with (50%...) recycled materials, ONDUVILLA tile sheets also respect the environment.

  • Length: 107 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Corrugation Height: 38 mm
  • Gross surface per tile: 0,428 m2
  • Net surface per tile: 0,31 m2
  • Tiles per m²: 3.23 pcs
  • Weight per tile: 1,27 kg
  • Weight per m2: 4 kg
  • Carbon footprint: 4 kg eq CO2 /m2
ARQA Resort
DPWH Office - Benguet
Verdan Hills
Medellin Vacation House
ARQA Resort

ONDUVILLA can be installed on all standard roof structures. 

See the video below to see how fast the installation of ONDUVILLA tiles is. 

How to install Onduvilla

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