In a recent conversation with architect Cy Salvador, we delved into what makes Onduline roofing products stand out.

Architect Ar Cy Salvador, who is also an Onduline ambassador, shared some key insights into why Onduline roofing has captured his admiration.

One of the standout features that architect Cy Salvador emphasized is the lightweight nature of Onduline roofing. This characteristic not only eases the burden on the structure but also offers flexibility in design and installation.

Moreover, Onduline's eco-friendly approach resonated with him. Onduline roofing products are sustainable and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional red tiles.

Another noteworthy point he mentioned is the versatility of Onduline roofing. It provides a wide range of options to meet various client requirements, making it a preferred choice for architects and builders.

Architect Cy Salvador's testimonial of Onduline as an ambassador underscores the brand's commitment to quality and innovation in the roofing industry. Onduline continues to be a lightweight, eco-conscious, and flexible roofing solution trusted by professionals.

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Arch. Cy Salvador