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Global Roofing Excellence: A Customer-Centric Approach

Since 1944, ONDULINE, a French company specialist in roofing solutions for pitched roof have developed all over the world , leading the market for lightweight roofing systems. 
Present in the 5 continents, Onduline employ about 1,200 people around the world and commercialize product in more than 100 countries from our 7 factories . 

In Asia-Pacific Onduline is present in 11 countries through a network of own subsidiaries and distributors . Onduline maintains a team of sales representative in most of those countries to guarantee proximity with our clients and ensure proper technical and marketing support. 

Our Penang factory is serving our customers all over Asia with the most extreme dedication to product quality . In 2024 Onduline will start production in its new factory in Pasiruan , in East Java to complement our industrial network and support our development in Indonesia.

Since 27th September 2022 Onduline is now part of Kingspan Group, a global leader in high-performance Insulation and Building envelope solutions. Onduline is part of Kingspan Waterproofing and Roofing division. 

2023 Onduline Plants Map

We can propose specific solutions, adapted to each market thanks to our strong international presence and our customer-centric approach.  

Onduline's Core Values 


We have a customer-centric approach and we mind reliability. We want to keep the honest and durable partnership we have built with you. We keep focussing on product and service quality - we know they matter to you. 


We do what we say and we say what we do. We want to run a sustainable, customer-oriented business, putting the emphasis on safety, quality and customer service. 


People are essential for us. We put customers first. We want to do our best to give you the service you expect from us and be sure you and your customers are all safe and well-protected. 


We are focused on continuous improvement. We want to keep doing better to keep you and your customers satisfied. 

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