ONDULINE® Classic - Bitumen Corrugated Sheet


onduline classic roof sheet

Product benefits

This bitumen-made corrugated roofing sheet is both waterproof and impressively long-lasting, ensuring exceptional durability.
Reliable and certified roofing solution (SNI, CE, BBA ...) distributed in more than 100 countries
Environmentally-friendly solution, made with 50% recycled material
Withstands strong winds
Will not rust, corrode
Guarantees safety and longevity with contemporary, health-conscious materials.
Easy to Install
Thermal comfort
Acoustic comfort
Watertightness guaranteed 15 years


Onduline Classic bitumen roofing sheets can be used both on new structures and for renovation work, on wood or metal structure.   

For more than 70 years, the ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing system, including high-quality roofing sheets, has been renowned for its impeccable watertightness. Designed to endure a range of climates, from the frigid conditions of northern regions to the sweltering heat of the tropics, its exceptional wind resistance makes it an ideal choice for exposed areas. Free from metal components, ONDULINE CLASSIC corrugated sheets remain impervious to rust or corrosion, making them a reliable option for coastal structures.

Our customers value ONDULINE CLASSIC sheets for their contribution to a quieter and more temperature-controlled environment compared to metal roofing alternatives. This material effectively absorbs both noise and heat, a crucial feature for regions with high temperatures or substantial rainfall.

Crafted from 50% recycled materials, ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets, which include bitumen roof sheets, bitumen roofing sheets, and corrugated bitumen sheet options, are environmentally conscious in both their production and composition. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that the material is asbestos-free and devoid of any other hazardous substances, prioritizing the well-being of both individuals and the environment.

In renovation projects, these sheets can seamlessly replace existing roofing materials or serve as an overlay for shingles, fibro cement, membranes, or used metal sheets, offering a versatile and sustainable solution, particularly for bitumen corrugated roofing needs.


  • Length: 200 cm 
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Profile: 10 waves
  • Height of the corrugation: 38 mm 
  • Weight per m2: 3.4 kg
  • Weight per sheet: 6.4 kg


Fermina's Farm
Pasil Fish Port
Geniston Residence
Beach Resort and Fish Port
Punta Verde Resort
Molave Townhomes
Safari Adventure, Cebu
Safari Adventure, Cebu
Safari Adventure, Cebu

Installation and documentation

ONDULINE CLASSIC is easy to install. Follow the installation instructions or have a look at the video below to benefit from a long-lasting waterproofing and protection. 

How to install Onduline Classic Sheets

Do you have questions about Onduline Classic Sheets? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.


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