ISOLINE® Underroofing Sheet

Product Benefits
Durable waterproofing: no leak, even if tiles move or break
Preservation of the original appearance of the roof
Increased tiles durability: humidity-reducing ventilation extends tile life
Suitable for any type of tile
Valid for new constructions and for renovations
30-year warranty

Why Choose ISOLINE as your Under Roofing System?

Even the highest quality tiled roofs may not be durably waterproof; they can move or break and leak due to outside elements like frost, humidity, high winds, and an accumulation of dead leaves or snow. To ensure you can rely on your tile roof to keep your home safe and dry day after day, year after year, you need a long-lasting waterproofing security.

How Does ISOLINE Underlay System Work?
For new and renovation

Large waterproofing sheets are laid under the tiles, creating an effective roof under your roof. The roofing underlays system repels any water that might seep through the tiles. Installation is extremely fast, and the interior of your house will remain dry throughout the work.

A solution against a leak that fits any tile

No matter the type of tile you wish to use, the ​ISOLINE roofing underlays ​will fit! It can be used with any type of clay or cement-tiled roof thanks to a diversified range of profiles, and it will fit any roof, regardless of shape or pitch. 

Preserves the original style of historical buildings

If the original tiles are high-quality and well-preserved, they may be able to be reused on top of your new ISOLINE roofing underlays, maintaining the original historic aesthetic. ​In that case, the Onduline roofing underlay will act as the primary waterproofing material, while the tiles protect the building. Reusing original tiles also means ​significant savings in your renovation budget. 

Monasterio De San Jeronimo Isoline installation
Isoline installation
onduvilla installation on top of Isoline Underroofing system

ISOLINE underlay sheets are provided with a 30-year waterproofing warranty going along with respect of our installation guidelines and the use of ONDULINE accessories