OGRA in its 10th year anniversary!

A global leader in roofing solutions based in France, Onduline, which focuses on building a better world, is again challenging architectural professionals to create roof designs that enable energy consumption to be more efficient in residential homes, through the biennial Onduline Green Roof Award competition (OGRA) 2023 Asia.

Nowadays, human nature which is consumptive of energy and activities that trigger global warming really needs to be corrected so that there is a balance between humans and nature. If not, this will disrupt the natural ecosystem on earth. As a result, natural disasters occur everywhere, declining air quality also has a negative effect on human health. Here, the construction sector has a great opportunity to reduce these negative impacts, because architecture is a manifestation of ideas that flow continuously in creating new experiences, expressions and impressions of space, not just form and function.  

In many cases, we often fail to create comfortable thermal conditions in the house. The comfort has been very often sacrificed for the purpose of what lays on eyes. The need of additional electrical energy for the air conditioning system for example can be reduced if architects or building designers construct their buildings based on an environmentally friendly approach. Environmentally friendly is no longer characterized by making infiltration wells, nor by planting as many trees and grass as possible, but is demonstrated by reducing electricity usage.