When it comes to roofing materials, ONDULINE® sheets stand out as a reliable solution with numerous real-world benefits. The combination of the right composition with the right system ensures sound absorption, resistance to high wind, lightweight construction, pleasing aesthetics, impeccable waterproofing capabilities, easy installation, and eco-responsibility. These benefits make ONDULINE® roofing sheets a compelling option for a wide variety of auxiliary building of all sizes, provinding safety for people and their belongings. 


          All roofing materials are watertight. Nevertheless, waterproofing is not only a matter of material composition, but mainly a benefit of the full system. Our innovation lies in the full system: sealsmart technology, monlayer technology and embossed lines. 

          Bitumen, as a viscoelastic material, has the capacity to absorb sound by transforming vibration into heat, contributing to a quieter atmosphere inside.

          Thanks to their unique, patented fastening system, ONDULINE® sheets withstand high wind loads by absorbing shocks and vibrations.Wind resistance is 225 km/h when installed on metal structures, and up to 260 km/h when installed on wooden purlins.1

          Offering a wide range of colours, 3D-tile like appearances and various profiles, ONDULINE® sheets complement diverse architectural styles and preferences.

          With an average of 3 kg/m22, ONDULINE® sheets are easy to handle, transport and install, bringing more comfort to the installer. Lightweight offers also other advantages: enhanced safety, reduced structural load, and optimised transportation.   

          Save energy and say goodbye to heavy lifting, time consuming measurements and complex installations.

  • Eco-responsible

         ONDULINE® sheets contain between 46% and 51% recycled raw materials.3 The company has a positive carbon footprint of 4,066g CO2/m2, which is far less than most suppliers of roofing solutions.4

         Experience the joy of hassle-free installation while achieving professional-quality roofing result

1 External tests Belgium Building Research Institute (BBRI)- DE 651XM223 CAR 15070/1 (29) = ONDULINE® CLASSIC Metal Purlin = 3000Pa (225 km/h) / DE 651XM223 CAR 15070/2 (29) = ONDULINE® CLASSIC Wood Purlin = 4000Pa (260 km/h).

2 EPD Bitumen sheets 2016

3 ICC-ES VAR-1016 Environmental Report - independant third party.

4 EPD Bitumen sheets 2016

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