In the realm of construction and design, Onduline Philippines has established itself as more than just a roofing solution provider. The Onduline Community is a vibrant hub that actively fosters innovation and sustainability. In this blog post, we explore two remarkable initiatives – the Onduline Online Contest and Onduline Events (Webinars), both aimed at shaping a resilient and forward-thinking generation of architects and engineers.

Onduline Online Contest: Nurturing Tomorrow's Architects

Onduline's commitment to shaping the future of construction is evident in the Onduline Online Contest. Going beyond traditional roofing solutions, Onduline advocates for eco-sustainable practices. The focus? Engaging with young, talented students pursuing Architecture and Engineering to broaden their perspectives on designing structures that are not only strong and sustainable but also innovative and adaptive to the environment.

Sustainable Community:Design Contest

The centerpiece of the Onduline Online Contest is the creation of proposals for a Risk Disaster Management Facility. Top student finalists engage in online presentations, delving into the history of disasters in the Philippines. They articulate the inspiration behind their designs and discuss the advantages, showcasing how these innovative structures could be a beacon of hope in times of calamity.

Onduline Digital Events (Webinars): Knowledge Sharing for a Greener Tomorrow

Onduline's commitment to sustainability extends to its webinars. One notable event, held on July 14, 2023, featured renowned architect Arch. Miguel Guerrero. The webinar focused on "Greening Existing Buildings," where Arch. Guerrero drew parallels from the clothing industry, showcasing how wear and tear could inspire new designs.


Retrofitting for a Greener Future: Insights from Arch. Guerrero

Arch. Guerrero's insights resonated with the construction industry, emphasizing the potential to recycle wear materials in existing buildings through renovating. He highlighted the importance of thoughtful retrofitting, asserting that it's not always necessary to retrofit the entire structure. Guerrero passionately conveyed that architects play a crucial role in fostering sustainable practices, even without explicit mandates from building owners or legal requirements.

Building Success: Onduline PH's Impactful Presence at WORLDBEX 2022 and CONEX 2023 Showcases Innovation and Engagement in Construction Exhibits

 In 2022, Onduline PH made a dazzling impact at WORLDBEX, held at the SMX Convention Center, by crafting a captivating booth that not only showcased their innovative roofing solutions but also engaged visitors with interactive elements like the buzz wire game, adding a touch of entertainment to the experience. The success of their participation at WORLDBEX echoed in their subsequent involvement in CONEX 2023 at the PICC in January 2023. These events serve as crucial platforms for the construction industry, providing opportunities for stakeholders to share ideas, network, and gain insights into industry trends. Onduline's strategic presence at these exhibits exemplifies their commitment to staying at the forefront of the construction sector, engaging with the audience, and showcasing the versatility of their roofing solutions in a visually appealing manner. The importance of such exhibits in the construction industry is underscored by the valuable benefits they offer, including lead generation, strengthened brand recognition, product showcasing, networking opportunities, and learning about the latest technologies and trends. Onduline's proactive participation in these events aligns with the industry's need for exhibits, contributing to their growth and success on both short and long-term horizons.


Building a Sustainable Legacy: Join the Onduline Community for an Innovative Construction Revolution

The Onduline Community is a testament to Onduline Philippines' commitment to a greener, more innovative future. Through the Onduline Online Contest, inspiring webinars, and impactful exhibits at WORLDBEX and CONEX, Onduline actively contributes to the development of a generation that doesn't just build structures but builds a legacy of sustainability and resilience. The Onduline Online Contest nurtures young architects, while insightful webinars, featuring luminaries like Arch. Miguel Guerrero, demonstrate a commitment beyond roofing solutions. The company's dedication to fostering a forward-thinking generation and promoting eco-sustainable practices is evident. Join the Onduline Community to stay connected with ongoing initiatives, events, and witness the unfolding of a construction revolution that embraces both innovation and eco-sustainable practices, inspiring tomorrow's builders and architects with a transformative vision that leaves an enduring legacy for a brighter, greener future.