ONDUCLAIR® Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Product benefits
More well-being: an outstanding light transmission and UV protection
Optimized day light transmission, enabling energy savings
More protection: impact and hail resistance, optimal fire performance
Ideal for green houses
10 year warranty

Transparent Roof Panels for a Natural Light

Designed to provide natural light inside buildings, ONDUCLAIR PC transparent or translucent polycarbonate panels promote well-being and productivity. They can be used in any geographical area due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures (from -30° to 130°).

For areas with low sunlight, ONDUCLAIR PC polycarbonate sheets provide a very high light transmission (90%), promoting crop productivity. For sites with strong sunlight, opal finish (66% or 46% light transmission) limits radiation and protects sensitive crops.

ONDUCLAIR PC polycarbonate roofing sheets are virtually unbreakable in normal use. they are particularly recommended for the cladding and the roofs of sports halls. ONDUCLAIR PC sheets are also recommended for areas regularly affected by hail.

They have insulating properties and reduce the heat loss during the night, which allows you to save energy, both on lighting and on heating. Transparent panels for enhanced well-being, thanks to natural light.

Polycarbonate Roof on a Residential House
Onduclair Polycarbonate Roof on a Veranda
Onduclair Polycarbonate Roof on a Collège
Onduclair Polycarbonate Roof on a Industrial Building
Onduclair Polycarbonate Roof on a Commercial Warehouse
Installation and Documentation

We recommend that you turn to a professional for the installation.

Installation Guide

How to Install ONDUCLAIR Polycarbonate Roof

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