In the dynamic realm of construction, where precision meets urgency, ONDULINE® Philippines stands as the perfect example of speed and efficiency with its "Fast to Install" roofing sheets. Architects, engineers, and contractors, brace yourselves as we embark on a journey through the technical prowess that sets ONDULINE® apart, making roofing installations a swift and efficient process.

The Need for Speed: Decoding the Rapid Installation Formula

Let's navigate through the elements that make ONDULINE® roofing sheets the preferred choice for those who value both precision and efficiency.

1. Easy Handling: A Professional's Delight

In the fast-paced construction industry, where time is money, ONDULINE® sheets emerge as the professionals' choice for swift and efficient roofing installations. Weighing a mere 3 kg/m2, these lightweight sheets redefine ease of handling. Bid farewell to the strenuous task of carrying heavy roofing materials. ONDULINE® sheets can be effortlessly transported to the roof by a single installer. The installer can even carry multiple sheets simultaneously. For extensive projects, stair lifts or cranes become optional, allowing ONDULINE sheets® to be utilized in hard-to-reach jobsite areas.

The ease of handling with ONDULINE saves valuable time and reduces labor costs, providing a seamless experience for installers.

2. Convenient Transportation: Maximizing Efficiency

The lightweight nature of ONDULINE® sheets translates into logistical brilliance. With up to 420 units per pallet (798 m2), more sheets can be loaded into a truck, optimizing transportation. Imagine loading enough sheets in a 14-ton truck to roof 18 houses of 150 m2! This efficiency results in fewer trips between the jobsite and the warehouse, reducing time and costs. Moreover, the carbon footprint is minimized as professionals can load more square meters in a truck, aligning with environmental sustainability.

In the world of roofing, where time is a critical factor, ONDULINE® sheets redefine efficiency and productivity.

3. Quicker Construction: Time is Money

Lightweight roofing translates to quicker construction times. With less reliance on heavy machinery and labor, projects can be completed in a shorter timeframe, potentially reducing labor costs. The straightforward installation process further expedites construction, making ONDULINE® sheets a valuable asset for projects with tight timelines. Construction companies can benefit from clear scheduling, efficient working hours, and optimized processes, ensuring projects stay on track.

ONDULINE's contribution to quicker construction is a game-changer for the demanding construction landscape.

4. Intuitive Installation: Smart Lock System

ONDULINE® sheets stand out for their intuitive and self-explanatory covering system. Featuring a smart lock system with embossed lines, these sheets eliminate the need for time-consuming measurements. The installer benefits from a faster and more precise installation process. Overlaps can be easily adjusted to avoid cutting, and fixing sheets is a breeze with no pre-drilling required. This user-friendly approach simplifies the roofing process, ensuring a seamless experience for professionals.

5. Fast Cutting: Efficiency in Every Detail

ONDULINE® sheets are designed to be fast to cut. Whether using a regular pad saw, circular pad saw, or a cutter, small tools are sufficient. Cutting sheets on the roof becomes a comfortable task for the installer, ensuring efficiency in every detail. The sheets are not only easy to handle but also safe to cut, making the overall roofing process smoother.

6. Installation Time: A Commitment to Efficiency

While installation times may vary based on factors like roof type, slope, location, and climatic conditions, ONDULINE® stands committed to efficiency. Based on extensive experience and internal timed tests, it is estimated that two professionals can cover a classic gable roof of 100m2 in approximately 8 hours during spring and autumn. In winter conditions, this period may increase to at least 16 hours. This commitment to transparency ensures that professionals have a clear understanding of the time required for each project.

5 Golden Rules for a Smooth Installation

To complement the speed advantage, ONDULINE® provides five golden rules for a smooth installation, ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of the roofing system:

1. Install on a wooden structure, full deck, or discontinuous, following the spacing recommended in the installation guide.

2. Respect the recommended number of fasteners and use ONDULINE® brand fasteners for lasting waterproofing and aesthetics.

3. Ensure fasteners are placed on top of every corrugation at eaves, overlaps, and at the ridge.

4. Begin the second row with a half sheet to avoid extra thickness in certain places that could affect aesthetics.

5. Respect a maximum overhang of 7 cm over the gutter.

Versatile Design: Beyond Speed, Embracing Flexibility

Beyond the need for speed, ONDULINE® sheets bring versatility to the forefront. Lighter roofing solutions offer more architectural design flexibility. Architects can incorporate larger open spaces, unique shapes, and innovative features without being constrained by the building's weight-bearing capacity. Homeowners can achieve the desired aesthetic, making ONDULINE® an ideal choice for those seeking both speed and design flexibility.