In the dynamic world of construction, where innovation meets practicality, ONDULINE® emerges as a game-changer, not just in waterproofing but in redefining the very essence of lightweight roofing. Architects, engineers, and contractors, brace yourselves for a journey into the realm of strength in lightness – an ONDULINE® masterpiece.

The Weightless Power: Decoding ONDULINE® Lightweight Advantage

Let's embark on a journey through the core of ONDULINE®'s lightweight prowess, exploring the technical marvels that make it the epitome of roofing innovation.

1. Materials that Redefine Strength

Contrary to misconceptions, lightweight doesn't mean fragile. ONDULINE® sheets, weighing only 3.16 kg/m2 (EPD Bitumen sheets 2024), defy the stereotype. Crafted with cellulose fibers, they showcase the perfect harmony of lightness and robustness. Think of the flexibility of trees swaying in the wind – a testament to both resilience and lightweight durability.

2. Comfort for Installers: A Harmony of Wellness

The lightweight nature of ONDULINE® sheets isn't just about numbers; it's about installer wellness. Carrying and installing lighter materials translates to more comfort for installers, bidding farewell to the backaches associated with heavier alternatives. In the wise words of WHO, a correlation exists between heavy loads and physical strain. Energy saved is health preserved.

3. Structural Load Liberation

The advantages of lightweight extend beyond installer comfort; they delve into the structural realm. ONDULINE® sheets, being inherently lighter than traditional materials like concrete or fiber cement, present a twofold benefit: cost savings and enhanced safety. In typhoon/hurricane-prone areas, the reduced structural load lessens stress on foundations and elements, mitigating the risk of failure or collapse.

4. Streamlined Renovation and Retrofitting

In the world of renovation and retrofitting, ONDULINE® emerges as a cost-effective superhero. Its lightweight composition eliminates the need for extensive structural reinforcements, a boon for both builders and building owners. Over roofing becomes a seamless, cost-efficient solution, breathing new life into aging structures without breaking the bank.

5. Installation Ease: The Art of Swiftness

Lightweight isn't just about being easy on the back; it's about swift installations. ONDULINE® sheets, owing to their lightness, are a breeze to transport and install. This ease of installation not only reduces labor costs but also accelerates construction timelines, a valuable asset for projects with tight schedules.

6. Architectural Versatility: Unleashing Creativity

The lightweight advantage isn't just a practicality; it's an enabler of architectural creativity. Architects can design with freedom, incorporating larger spaces, unique shapes, and innovative features without being confined by weight-bearing limitations. Homeowners can achieve the aesthetic they desire without compromising structural integrity.

7. Quicker Construction: Racing Against Time

Time is money, and ONDULINE® understands that well. Lightweight roofing solutions translate to quicker construction. With reduced labor and machinery requirements, projects can be completed faster, potentially saving money and meeting tight deadlines.

8. Environmental Efficiency: The Green Footprint

Beyond the practical, ONDULINE® sheets contribute to environmental efficiency. The efficient transportation of lightweight materials reduces carbon footprints. Loading more square meters per truck reduces freight costs and environmental impact. A single glance at the numbers showcases the profound difference in environmental efficiency.

The Smart Choice for Your Roof: ONDULINE® Lightweight Solutions

Discover the benefits of ONDULINE® Lightweight Roofing Sheets! 

1- Lightweight yet Robust: 

ONDULINE® sheets use cellulose fibers for a perfect blend of lightweight and strength. Just like flexible trees, they're resilient and weigh only 3.16 kg/m2, proving that lightweight can indeed be robust.

2- Reduced Structural Load: 

Save costs and enhance safety, especially in typhoon/hurricane-prone areas. Thanks to their light weight, ONDULINE® sheets require less structural support, saving on material costs and labor.

3- Ease of Installation: 

Lower labor costs with easy transport and installation due to their light weight.

4- Quicker Construction: 

Accelerate project timelines with quicker installation, a real plus for projects with tight schedules 

5- Versatile Design: 

Architectural flexibility for unique designs and aesthetic freedom 

6- Renovation & Retrofitting: 

Cost-effective solutions for reviving older structures without major modifications.

7- Environmental Efficiency: 

Reduce the carbon footprint with efficient transportation due to lightweight materials. Load more square meters in a truck and make a positive environmental impact.

8- Worker & Homeowner Wellness: 

Lightweight means more comfort for installers and reduced back pain, aligning with WHO guidelines.

Make the smart choice for your roof - ONDULINE® for lightweight, safer, cost-effective, eco-responsible, and versatile roofing solutions!