Every ONDULINE product comes with a guaranteed warranty agreement, offering protection for your product against damage that may occur during your construction projects if they weren't directly caused by you. It is important to carefully review this agreement to determine your eligibility for the warranty. 

We understand that reading through the entire agreement can be overwhelming, especially when you're racing against time to complete your project. Below, you'll find valuable tips on how to ensure your warranty certificate for the ONDULINE® products you've acquired. 

Key Points to keep in mind for a Guaranteed Warranty

  • Use ONDULINE accessories and fixings exclusively 

ONDULINE provides a range of accessories that are specifically designed to complement their roofing products. Using accessories from other brands poses a substantial risk of incompatibility or damage, potentially invalidating the warranty agreement. To ensure a trouble-free project and assured quality, take note of the necessary ONDULINE® accessories and select the best options. 

  • Strictly follow the provided Installation Guide 

Each ONDULINE product is accompanied by comprehensive installation instructions and essential guidelines. It is imperative to adhere strictly to these instructions, avoiding any shortcuts or improvisations. Deviating from the recommended installation process may result in the warranty being voided. As per the agreement, "Neither the installer of the Products nor the Owner must thereafter attempt to alter or repair the same or to remove the Products to any other site or sites." 

  • Check your building or the foundations before installation 

Like any other construction project, the integrity of your building's foundations is critical to preventing future issues. This is especially important when installing roofing solutions that rely on the project’s original structural design. Any damage to ONDULINE roofing solutions stemming from structural defects or errors may lead to the warranty being invalidated. Therefore, it's advisable to consult a professional before finalizing your project to ensure the building's safety

Take note that a warranty may only be applicable if the defect is with the manufacturing of the product and not by any outside force that can cause damage. This includes any failure to maintain your Onduline roofing or neglect to clean your roofs in a regular manner.   

  • Maintain your ONDULINE products regularly  

After purchasing an ONDULINE product, you will receive a guide detailing how to maintain it correctly. Follow this comprehensive guide diligently to prevent damage. Remember that Onduline's warranty typically extends up to approximately 60 months, emphasizing the importance of consistent maintenance and proper repair procedures. 

Here are a few things to watch over when maintaining your ONDULINE products

  • Leaf debris and branches: Prevent the accumulation of leaves on the product's surface, as well as the piling of branches around it, as excessive buildup can lead to clogs or irreversible scratches. 

  • Don’t leave ventilation channels blocked: Ensure that ventilation channels remain unblocked to prevent condensation issues that could shorten your roof and insulation's lifespan. 

  • Gutters: Maintain a regular routine to clean your gutters. This helps keep your home safe and sturdy during harsh stormy weather and therefore maintains your installed ONDULINE products.  

  • Don’t lose your receipt or any proof of purchase: Like most products with warranties, presenting your receipt or proof of purchase is essential to verify that your product falls within the warranty period as specified in the agreement. Failure to provide this documentation may result in your inability to claim a replacement for your ONDULINE® product. Keep in mind that this is a standard protocol for any product, so hide your receipts in a safe location where you will be able to remember.  

  • Check the packaging of your product: One of the first things you should check is the packaging of your product when it has been delivered to your home. Make sure that there aren’t any damages and that it has been safely delivered to your home without any other complications. If you find any damages prior to beginning your installation, kindly document the traceability code that can be seen on the edge of the sheet then you can present it for replacement.  

  • Consult a professional to check on the product and your project: While you may consider DIY work, consulting a professional can ensure that your ONDULINE product is in prime condition upon purchase. Additionally, professionals can assess your project's readiness for further installations, providing expert guidance. Don't hesitate to seek the expertise of someone well-versed in construction for peace of mind.