Rust-Free Light Weight Roofing Sheet




The purpose of a roof is to protect people and their assets. In over 100 countries across the world, ONDULINE® sheets perform this task efficiently- aesthetically pleasing, our sheets withstand all weather and climatic conditions. ONDULINE® sheets provide guaranteed water proofing to buildings and enhance the beauty of the building through their wide range of long lasting colours. Furthermore, ONDULINE sheets are easy to install and withstand wind speeds up to 192 kmph.

ONDULINE sheets ensure protection above all!


ONDULINE has always paid particular attention to specific country regulations and harmonized standards. Our products are subjected to the most rigorous performance tests in laboratories and research institutes all over the world and conform to:


 - General tests and technical agreements

 - Strength and Impact Loading

 - Mechanical Strength

 - Water Absorption

 - Heat Deformation

 - Water and Weather Proofing

 - Wind Lift

 - Hail/Frost Resistance

 - Toxicity and Resistance to Chemicals Test



Residential (DPWH School Building, Masbate)

Resorts & Hotels (Mactan Beach House )

Industrial (Red Rocks Construction )

Institutional (P&L Builders )

Farmhouse (Mr. Go Pigger, Mabalacat, Pampanga ) 

Extension (Bocaue, Bulacan )


ONDULINE sheets are manufactured by impregnating organic cellulose fibres with bitumen under high temperature and pressure. The sheets are pre pigmented with special purpose resins. The impregnation of colour into the sheets is done using patented techniques that enable the sheets to retain their colour over a longer period of time even under harsh conditions. The patented manufacturing process ensures uniform bitumen penetration into the sheets providing an excellent dimensional stability to the product and thereby preventing delamination.


ONDULINE sheets offer the following benefits:

  • Lightweight only 4 kg/m2
  • High wind resistance, upto192 km/hr
  • Thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Flexible and adaptable on all structures
  • Easy to install
  • Water Proofing
  • Eco friendly
  • Contains No Asbestos
  • Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
  • Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours.





materialLengthWidthSurface AreaThicknessWidth of CorrugationHeight of CorrugationNo. of CorrugationWeight
Cellulose Bitumen2000mm950mm1.903mm95mm38mm 103.4kg/

ONDULINE is manufactured by a patented process which ensures even penetration of bitumen. This ensures that the sheet has a high dimensional stability and prevents elamination. The colouring of the sheet is achieved through a unique pigmentation process which ensures that the colour is stained into the sheet. Unlike painted sheets, ONDULINE® sheets retain their colour over a long period without fading and surface peeling.


The result is a flexible and cost effective product that provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation - even in the most extreme climatic conditions. It is waterproof and cannot rust or become brittle.  It resists most chemicals and corrosion, and is very easy to handle and fix. Finally ONDULINE contains no asbestos and therefore presents no health risk either during installation or when the building is in use. That is why, ONDULINE is superior to many other corrugated roofing systems and has been installed on millions of roofs around the world.