BARDOLINE PRO is fast to install. 

Good to know! All BARDOLINE Shingles are installed following these main steps: 

  • You need a full deck (e.g. OSB) to install shingles 
  • Start from the eave
  • Cut the shingles on the back
  • The Installation varies according to your pitch and your climatic area. of the project. Contact us to know more.


You will need standard tools (hammer, cutter, meter and level) and accessories



How install BARDOLINE shingles?

  • Ensure structure must be flat to avoid infiltration

  • Cover the structure with ONDUTISS STRONG parallel to the eave. Fix it with staples or large-headed nails.  

BARDOLINE Installation 1: Preparation of the support

  • Fix the shingles starting the eave to ridge. 
    • 1st strip: Cut the head lap of the shingles and fix the cut shingles.
    • 1st course: Fix a complete shingle on the first row 

BARDOLINE Installation 1: First course

  • 2nd and following courses: Always start with cutting the 1st of a tab.
  • Use ONDUMASTIC for a better seal.

BARDOLINE Installation 3: Following courses

  • Ridge:
    • Form ridge element and cut triangles at the notches of each leg. 

BARDOLINE Installation 4: Prepare ridge elements

  • Fix the triangles on ridge in the opposite direction to prevailing winds.
  • Secure them with 2 nails on each side and seal with ONDUMASTIC.

BARDOLINE Installation 5: Ridge