About Onduline

Global leader in lightweight roofing solutions.


Created in France in the year 1944, ONDULINE started out as a pioneer in light weight composite roofing and under-roofing materials.

ONDULINE sells over 150 million of roofing material each year in more than 100 countries and is fully committed to customers satisfaction and planet environmental preservation.

Our products are simple, but bring signification benefits for end users such as more cooler and quieter housing thanks to its insulating properties and a durable resistance against water leakage (1) and strong winds.

ONDULINE products are asbestos-free, composed of recycled fibers and use natural pigment for coloration.

In Philippines, ONDULINE started its operations in 2012 from Taguig City and has a pan Philippines presence through authorized distributors.

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(1) With our exclusive ONDULINE Seal Smart technology®, the elasticity of our composite the material allows it to shrink firmly around each fastener, creating a permanently leak-resistant carrier.